Top Five Acadia Wedding Locations

Have you ever thought about getting married outside surrounded by nature in all its natural beauty? Maybe on a white footbridge over a slow running creak with views of the mountains and the ocean? Or maybe on a mountain where the sun rises and hits any part of the USA first? Is it your dream to walk on a sandy beach with the ocean waves lapping at your feet surrounded by the mountains of Maine? These are just a few possibilities on where you can marry the love of your life in the beautiful state of Maine.

Somesville Footbridge – Somesville, Maine

In the small village of Somesville is one of the most photographed footbridges in the state of Maine! Founded in 1776 this village is the oldest settlement on the Island. Next to the footbridge is the Selectman’s Office founded in 1780. Somesville is also the entrance to Somes Sound with Norumbega Mountain to the East with Acadia and St Sauveur Mountains to the West. Imagine your wedding standing on this arched footbridge with the gentle rolling waters beneath your feet while looking out and seeing the ocean and mountains. 

Sand Beach – Acadia National Park

Located inside Acadia National Park is a small (290 yards) beach with mountains surrounding the area like a coveted little piece of heaven on earth! This beach is not made of sand but rather crushed up shells due to the pounding surf. Located inside Acadia National Park via Park Loop Road this beach is picture perfect for any wedding. Although the ocean water barely goes above 55 degrees the beauty far exceeds your expectations! With views of the Beehive, access to Thunder Hole, steps to the Great Head Trail and terrific views of the blue ocean water, this would make for a beautiful wedding large or small. 

Seawall – Southwest Harbor, Maine

On the Quiet Side of MDI is a rocky shoreline formed by large and small granite rocks. This seawall is approximately 4 miles from the center of Southwest Harbor down a winding road also called Seawall Road. With clear views of the Islands this location makes for a great spot to have a small but exquisitely beautiful wedding. This Seawall is also part of Acadia National Park and is within walking distance to Seawall Campground, Wonderland Trail and Ships Cove Trail. Picture your wedding on top of a large rock formation, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean with large and small waves crashing against the rocks. 

Cadillac Mountain, Acadia National Park

Mount Desert Island is home to Acadia National Park and the famous Cadillac Mountain. At 1,528 feet this mountain is the first spot where sunrise occurs before any other location each and every morning! With so many opportunities for a location to get married in Acadia National Park, this is by far the most famous of spots and the busiest area. On clear days it is possible to see Mount Katahdin to the north and the Canadian province of Nova Scotia to the east over one hundred miles away. Whether you decide to get married in the early morning dawn or the picturesque sunset of evening, Cadillac Mountain will not disappoint! 

Out on the Water– Bar Harbor's Natural Harbor

Ever thought of getting married on the open waters? Whether you are the adventurous type that wants to paddle out in a kayak or take a sail boat, yacht or charter a boat, getting married with nature completely surrounding you cannot be compared to! Picture bringing your family and friends along and making for a cozy and intimate affair while getting married on the sea. Declare your love for each other with a backdrop of Cadillac Mountain and the Porcupine Islands. You never know who might just pop up to join in on the fun? It’s been known to see sea lions, porpoises and other sea life while on your kayak and other boats! 

These are just 5 potential locations where you can get married while on Mount Desert Island. Many other areas and fine businesses have locations suitable for the smallest of weddings to the grandest of affaires. Whichever you decide fits your budget and taste will surely make for a day to remember for a lifetime! I look forward to working with you on what is to be one of the most special days of your life! Please contact me with any questions or ways that I might be of assistance to you. I look forward to working with you in the near future and congratulate you on your special occasion!

Please be aware some of these places do require permits which are easily attainable by contacting the Acadia National Parks Office. For parties of 10 and under permits are not needed. This number also includes the wedding Officiant. Please see the contact information below for the Acadia National Parks Office. Please contact them with any questions you may have about getting married in ANP. 

Acadia National Park Office – Weddings within the Park

PO Box 177 Bar Harbor, Maine 04609

(207) 288-3338